The Fruit Pig Company's Puddings & Haggis

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Award winning products based in East Anglia.

Black Pudding Chub's are made from fresh blood, British oats and barley, British pork fat, onion and spices, this black pudding is incomparable to mass-produced, dried blood versions. Nitrate Free  Allergens GLUTEN 350g

White Hogs Pudding Chub's are made from oats, smoked bacon fat, fresh red onion, cumin and spices come together in this flavoursome sliced white pudding.  Fruit Pig's white pudding is like no white pudding out there. GLUTEN FREE 350g

Fruit Pig Haggis's are made from cooked lamb lungs and heart, beef suet, oats, barley, onions, salt and spices. Nitrate Free Allergens GLUTEN 450g