Peter's Yard Crispbread Selection Box

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This selection of sourdough crackers is designed to complement any cheeseboard. Only simple, natural ingredients including organic flour, organic fresh milk and Peter's Yards precious sourdough, which is allowed to ferment for 16 hours before each batch is made.


265g Selection Box of three individually wrapped trays


POPPY SEED – Spelt wheat flour, milk, sourdough 13% (rye flour, water), poppy seeds 4.6%, muscovado sugar, sea salt

RYE & CHARCOAL – Milk, rye flour 35%, wheat flour (wheat flour, Calcium, Iron, Thiamin, Niacin), sourdough 11% (rye flour, water), wholemeal wheat flour, honey, butter (milk), charcoal 2.3%, sea salt

ORIGINAL – Milk, rye flour, wheat flour (wheat flour, Calcium, Iron, Thiamin, Niacin), sourdough 12% (rye flour, water), wholemeal wheat flour, honey, salt