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Old Hall Farm

A2/A2 Raw Jersey Milk Skimmed 1L

A2/A2 Raw Jersey Milk Skimmed 1L

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Please note that we are now taking orders for dispatch from 5th April onwards.

We are running low on milk at the moment due to the recent horrid weather conditions, plus we are waiting for our girls to calve. We appreciate that this is incredibly inconvenient and can only apologise - hopefully you can appreciate that we are are sticking to our 100% pasture fed standards and not boosting supply by cheating and using wheat/soya based feeds. Our calves are also still kept with their mums and we do not wish to comprise on this, which we hope you will understand.

By choosing to purchase from us you are supporting a small, ethical dairy rather than a mega dairy which we hope is important to you and makes the milk worth the wait. As soon as the weather warms up we anticipate that things should be back to normal - fingers crossed that this happens soon!

Thank you as always for your support.

This fabulous Jersey milk comes from the Jersey goddesses at our dairy, who get to keep their calves at foot and dine on lush herby grass and home produced forage.

8 of these bottles fit in our small 8kg box for next day couriered delivery, and 12 fit in our larger 12kg box. You can select which box option you require at the checkout stage.

Contains 100% pure cows milk

This milk has not been heat treated and may contain organisms harmful to health

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