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Old Hall Farm

500ml A2 Colostrum

500ml A2 Colostrum

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Available from 28/5, frozen.


To be added to the mailing list for colostrum please email with the subject heading “COLOSTRUM” and put your details below.


Will be sold fresh when fresh colostrum is available, and occasionally frozen when it is not available fresh. 

This is fabulous, RAW, cow’s colostrum from our A2 Jersey girls. We ensure that the calves have had their fair share before milking some of the colostrum :-) 

This product is in high demand, and is only sold intermittently. 

Our Jersey girls are fed a 100% pasture diet, and receive no grain or soya at all. The calves are allowed to stay with their mothers for  9-12 months, and we share the milk for this time with them.

A2/A2 milk contains a different, more easily tolerated beta casein protein which means that for those with lactose/milk intolerance, it may well be the answer to the "no dairy" plight.

Contains 100% pure cows milk

This milk has not been heat treated and may contain organisms harmful to health

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