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Old Hall Farm

250ml A2 Colostrum

250ml A2 Colostrum

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Now available for dispatch 28/5, frozen.

This is 250ml of our fabulous, RAW, cow’s colostrum from our A2 Jersey girls. We ensure that the calves have had their fair share before milking some of the colostrum :-) 

This product is in high demand, and is only sold intermittently. 

Our Jersey girls are fed a 100% pasture diet, and receive no grain or soya at all. The calves are allowed to stay with their mothers for 9-12 months, and we share the milk for this time with them.

A2/A2 milk contains a different, more easily tolerated beta casein protein which means that for those with lactose/milk intolerance, it may well be the answer to the "no dairy" plight.

Contains 100% pure cows milk

This milk has not been heat treated and may contain organisms harmful to health

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