Harleston Cider Company's Ice Cider

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British Ice Cider made from 100% locally sourced apples to our Cidery in Palgrave on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

A rich, sweet and seductive British Ice Cider made from a distinctive blend of hand picked apples.  The apples are freshly pressed apple juice is frozen before fermentation to concentrate the natural sugars and maximise flavour. This produces a rich and syrupy 'Ice Cider' with an intense fruit character bursting with aromas of baked apple and honey, with hints of peach and mango.

In the spirit of East Anglian tradition this Ice Cider is made from a range of dessert and cooking apples like Cox, Bramley and Russet. This differs from our West Country cousins who traditionally use cider apples in their ciders.

Excellent with desserts or mature cheese (particularly applewood smoked cheddar!).

Best served young, either chilled or over ice.